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Executive Mindset

An Outside-in Assessment on Customer Discovery, Solution Development and Communication Relevant to Executives

SAMA wants to enable you to benchmark the success of your strategies and understand what top-performing companies are doing differently to set themselves apart.


The U.S. healthcare system is evolving faster than ever, forcing SAMs and KAMs in Life Sciences to evolve in step. This report offers a comprehensive view into the state of SAM/KAM in Life Sciences, including insights into the objectives, organizational models, support functions, current effectiveness, barriers, metrics and investment priorities for Life Sciences companies.


SAMA's 2021 “Report on Strategic Account Management Compensation Practices” is the most comprehensive survey of SAM/KAM compensation practices available anywhere.

How well is your organization doing to align talent and resources to meet your strategic account objectives? Learn about the differentiating traits shared by top-performing SAMs as well as the most common skills in need of improvement. 

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Roughly half of the companies we surveyed are making a giant mistake in how they measure strategic account performance. Is yours? Learn what it is and find out how leading companies use KPIs to drive performance with their most important customers.

The emergence of new digital technologies has radically transformed how suppliers engage with their strategic customers. Learn how digitalization is changing the logic and practice of SAM across all industries and if your company is adapting fast enough to keep pace.


Strategic accounts organizations use a variety of metrics when making investment decisions, but which ACTUALLY matter? Gain insight into the most important investment areas for SAM organizations, broken out by business area and company revenue size.


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Companies have invested heavily in value co-creation capabilities, but how much of the co-created value do they actually capture? Our research shows that two critical facets of value management have been woefully neglected.

SAMA partnered with the University of Mannheim to survey roughly 375 SAM practitioners to test a customer segmentation framework designed to apply across all industries.  Four account management models emerged from this study, against which every company should test their current go-to-market model.


The "new normal" brought on by COVID-19 changed everything about how SAMs serve their strategic customers. SAMA and Boston Consulting Group teamed up to assess the impact of the crisis and best practices for navigating what lies ahead.


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Return on Character

Participate in this groundbreaking research opportunity that brings high-character leadership to the sales industry and gives participants knowledge they can use to transform character into a competitive advantage.



Interested in partnering with SAMA on one of our research projects?
Contact Joel Schaafsma at to learn how you can get involved.



icons_membership.png   Interested in partnering with SAMA on one of our research projects?
Contact Joel Schaafsma at to learn how you can get involved.