Samagra abhivrudhi trust had been registered on 29th January 2021, vide registration no. 275 The founder of the society is Smt. Kaveri who is serving society through various activities for a very long time. Samagra abhivrudhi trust’s mission primarily is to work on an India basis with a motive to serve society at large by making them available to provide Education & Training to underprivileged children and let them have access to books and other materials necessary for education. Health care free of cost or at an affordable cost to general public, protect the environment by making awareness in people through various means.

No Poverty

Best Govt. Services

Best Education

Vision & Mission


With this vision, Samagra Abhivrudhi Trust  wishes to improve the quality of life of children who live in slums and villages of India. We want them to be good human beings by having access to the right kind of education.


Samagra Abhivrudhi Trust to educate around 4500 children (especially girls) living in slums and villages who do not have access to education due to financial constraints.

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